Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well the weekend of chaos is upon us. It's currently 7:15am and a whole lot is about to unfold. Here's a run down of the day's events:

8am-Noon: Chimney cleaner will arrive to sweep the extremely dirty and nested chimney as well as add a cap to the top to prevent any unwelcomed visits from the neighborhood rodents.

10am: Fence quote from Lowe's. I would love to say we could make this our first DIY but we need to match an existing fence add two gates, and make it look professional as some of it will face our neighbor's property.

1pm-3pm: Movers arrive at point A to pick-up washer, dryer and hide-a-bed and deliver to The White Bungalow.

And during all this I will do my best along with several other helpful hands (thanks to our wonderful family) to begin cleaning up the mess that is the yard and flower b

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