Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Bed

When we moved into our new house it was evident that the previous homeowners took relatively decent care of the interior of the home. Even though some recent discoveries have left us with a few head scratching "Why did they do this?" or "What were they thinking when.." questions, the overall general care of the house was clear.

Ohh how I wish I could say the same about the exterior. The house sat on the market for over a year and unfortunately the weeding and basic upkeep of the yard and flower beds seemed be neglected throughout that entire time. I was able to clean up a few smaller areas last fall as seen here and here, but knew I had a big project lurking behind our garage in the very back of our yard. See what I mean?

Nice garden bed eh?
So with a free Sunday, my parents old school weed wacker (which is a golf club sized metal stick with a blade at the end, and 13 yard waste bags), I was down to this.

I built those good lookin' raised garden beds in the midst of the project (more on those in a future post). Pretty rewarding results if I do say so myself. And those 3 black compost bins in the corner? Yeah those were there the whole time but we had no idea until we started wacking! We're pretty pumped since we've always wanted to try composting and have even started a small collection that's being stored in a coffee container under the kitchen sink.

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