Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So it only took us about 5 months to find some night stands. What an adventure it was. We wanted something black to match our bed and knew they had to be decently tall because of the sheer height of our bed. We went from looking at Target & CB2 to Ashley Furniture & Bedrooms First. Here's a few close candidates we had our eyes on at Target:
Tall enough but the round top didn't feel right with the sharp lines of our bed.

Square, but not very tall, nor a ton of surface space!

Luckily, on a whim I took a trip through an antique store in our hometown and came across these guys:

Black, very tall, great storage, little bit of character and an excellent price of $140 for the pair.

Not bad considering this very similar option at Target would run about $246 for a pair!

After a short ride home, they were carried upstairs and put in place immediately. Here's a rough pic from my phone to give ya an idea. As things progress we'll be sure to take some updated photos with some halfway decent lighting and a real camera, until then we leave you with this!
Perfect height and with space left over for a few decorative items

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