Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're back & got some news!

For anyone still out there we're back and apologize for the delay. However we think we have a halfway decent excuse...We got married! That's right on Saturday, May 14 2011 the White Bungalow went from a home with two youngsters living in it to a happily married household. We're very excited and at the same time relieved that it's all over. Don't worry we'll be sure to share the details and photos here in the weeks to come, especially because we DIY'd a large amount of it (including these)!

However just because we've been wedding planning doesn't mean we haven't been up to much around the bungalow. The exterior has kept us extremely busy and we'll be sure to share what've been up to shortly (just waiting for the right lighting to capture those "After" pics).

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