Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We grew grass!

Ok not the psychoactive drug, but just the regular backyard grass. So how thrilling huh? An entire post dedicated to growing grass! But we were actually pretty pumped. Being that this is our first spring as homeowners, we've never had to grow grass before and our green thumb track record is not too hot so we were a little worried.

For those who are still reading this, let me explain. We had this area under our big maple that looked pretty awful:

These pics were taken prior to the paver walkway we made and documented about here. As you can see it was lookin a little rough. Plus with the surplus of rain this spring the whole area quickly became a mudfest. And why those really big pavers were there we have no idea? So after completing the paver walkway we knew this was the next target.

We ran to Lowe's and spent some time comparing grass seeds. Talk about options! For such a basic concept there are a million different types! Again something we never knew about until becoming homeowners. Anyways we found this Scott's EZ Seed to be the right stuff for the area. 

The EZ Seed was great because when you water it the seeds turn dark brown. When the seeds turn light brown they're ready for more H20. This is extremely nice for newbies like us because you'll never over or under water as long as you can follow these simple instructions (hence the name "EZ").

We blocked the area (to avoid any dog traffic) with some metal stakes and rabbit fencing. The stakes were given to us from a neighbor & the fencing was purchased at Lowe's for something like $20 for 50'. It was roughly about 10 days when we finally saw tiny grass seedlings begin to poke through the soil & man were we elated!

Unfortunately we didn't capture any early photos so we'll just cut to the before & after...So rewind 10 days and we were looking something like this before....

And now the after:

Now for good measure, a picture before the DIY paver walkway and new grass. Before:

And after:

It's a start right? Now we gotta get back to the front yard and DIY raised garden beds...

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