Sunday, April 3, 2011

Living Room Paint Reveal

One room down, only eight more areas to go! But at least it's a start. A few weekends ago we spent our Sunday painting our living room. We tried out a few bargain samples from Valspar (read about that here)...
Left: Pelican   Center: Autumn Fog   Right: Winter Flannel

The final verdict was Valspar's Autumn Fog. We felt it was a calm not too dark yet not too light choice. We're picturing a lot of white, grey and some punches of a brighter warm color in here and think our Autumn Fog will do a great drop setting the backdrop.
Don't look at that ugly light fixture. Just don't.

We love how the white trim & molding really pop now

Please disregard the sloppy coffee table

Mason jars are temporary as we've been collecting them for a future project...


  1. a white or black glass tile on the fire place would make this even prettier

  2. I'm curious, which finish did you use with the paint color? Eggshell? Semi-gloss? High-gloss?