Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blinded by the price

A few weeks ago we had a national blind company (whose initials just happen to be BB) give us a free estimate on installing 2" white faux wood blinds in our finished front porch. I never would have considered having blinds professionally installed but was won over by the thought when a 30% off coupon arrived in the mail a few days prior. Anyways, the sales rep did a thorough job taking exact measurements of each window (there's six of them). From there we went over samples began totaling, applied the 30% off and then bam. The quote...
If you can't make out the total, it reads $750.53....For 6 faux wood blinds? Not in my house! So get this...The sales rep left this quote with the exact measurements with me. From there we strolled through the blind aisles at Home Depot, picked up the same 2" faux wood blinds, had two of the six cut to the custom widths which we needed (the rest were standard sizes) for free in-store. And the total damage? $196.70 for all six! Not to mention we had a $50 gift card. A couple hours spent after work one night and it was one more thing off that daunting 2011 list.

Most importantly Rufus approves of the upgrade to his favorite corner.

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