Saturday, February 5, 2011

Head shot

I straight up stole this one from our idols over at Young House Love. While taking a weekly photo of their daughter Clara, they decided to create a head shot silhouette of her. Read their tutorial here.

With their easy to understand tutorial, I sifted through archived photos of our baby, Rufus until I came across this silhouette worthy shot:

Thinking that his trademarked one straight ear, one floppy ear would make a great silhouette, I cropped his head in photoshop using the Magnetic Lasso Tool and then copied it to a new blank photoshop document:

From there select "Image", "Adjustments" and "Brightness/Contrast." I took both the brightness and contrast to -100 to get the darkest silhouette possible:

Finally I saved the file as a jpeg image and printed on regular 8.5" x 11" white paper and cropped it to fit this fame I found for $7 (1/2 off) at World Market.

And there it sits on our Ikea Besta Bookshelf in the dining room!

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