Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dressin the dresser

Although the master bedroom runs the entire length of the upstairs, the closet in which we both share, leaves a lot of clothing storage to be desired. We knew this going in and had our eyes peeled on a dresser or two to help contain our more casual garments. On a Sunday after brunch at the local diner we popped our head in next store at a resale shop and found a perfect 3-drawer dresser. Although we forgot to take a before picture it looked a lot like this:

The color, shine and wooden knobs are almost identical. However for the asking price ($40) we knew a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware would turn this dresser into just what we had in mind.

Although, we skipped over the whole sanding step (we'll see how this plays out down the road) we put on two coats of primer before doing two coats of a medium grey. We chose Glidden's interior eggshell.

Here's an action shot. After the paint had dried it was time for new hardware. Oddly enough we had boughten two sets of Target's Casual Home Satin Nickel Knobs awhile back when we were planning on upgrading the kitchen cabinet hardware in our old apartment. Needless to say, we never got around to it but saved the knobs. Luckily we still had the knobs sitting in a box in the basement and it was now their time to shine.

And now for the almost end result:

I say almost, because it wasn't till we had it moved into place, clothes packed in it and sitting on top when we noticed this!

Talk about missing a spot! No worries it only took us another two months to get around to fixing that, but it has now been covered!

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