Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fireplace flip

It was about dang time for us to put something in the fireplace. As of right now the fireplace is non-functioning and will take a little $$$ to get it working so for now our plan is to dress it up the best we can. Let's start with a before photo:

The 1st pic is a full frontal ;) while the 2nd is a close up shot of some of the weird reddish color we have coming through the black paint.

The next steps were pretty simple: 1) Cover up the discoloration. 2) Find a grate for logs. 3) Find something to put in the grate.

I went with Rust-Oleum's Black High Heat Enamel Spray just because the furnace runs along one side of the fireplace. One good coat and the fireplace was back in black. This was about $5.50 and will come in handy on other items like the outdoor grill. Next the grate.

Above was the tag for our grate. This fell into our hands on a trip to Target a few weeks ago when we spotted their Fireplace Grates for $10.48 (30% off). Done and done! Now for the filler.

Real Birch Logs! We had been looking all around. Michael's had some skinnier ones but at $15/stick it would've cost a fortune to fill this grate. We looked online and were thinking about eating the heavy shipping costs to get a batch for about $45. However, thankfully we took a trip a favorite local home store Sobo Style and found these amazing medium sized logs at $7.50/5' log. We took four home ($30) and got to cutting and like that we have 12 birch logs and a somewhat finished fireplace!

We already owned the red vase, basket and plant so after it was all said and done this project ran us about $46.

Plant & planter: Ikea

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  1. Your fireplace looks great! Thanks for mentioning us!