Monday, March 14, 2011

Pottery Barn-esque

We started this past weekend with a few goals in mind. But none were as important as find a "pottery barn-esque" hutch or cabinet. We knew it had to be white, a little rustic and with some character. We headed to one of the bigger antique shops in Columbus (Grandview Merchantile). Within a few short minutes we were face to face with our future Pottery Barn-esque find. It was selling for $250, but we offered $215 (about 15% off) and the seller said yes!

After loading it up in the truck and a short drive home with our rear hatch half open, our new addition was resting in the bungalow. This guy will be hangin out in our dining room for now and will store our booze & wine along with some glassware and other barware.

The door and shelves are in pretty good working shape so no repurposing had to be done. We're pretty darn pleased to find an affordable and unique cabinet that was right in line with the "Pottery Barn-esque" vibe we were after.

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