Friday, July 8, 2011

Belly Up To The Bar

9 months. That was how long we lived with this.

That was the work of our dear child Rufus...

Yup this gentleman got out of his crate (countless times) and left us with a ripped up barstool. The other one survived, but still the pair looked ridiculous. Yet, that didn't keep us from using them and simply throwing a coat over the eyesore when company was around.

And yes the chalkboard still says "Happy Father's Day"...

But the time had come to replace these barstools with something a little more durable and a little more us.  We wanted to veer a little more to the industrial side with this furniture piece and came across this steal at  Overstock.

Yup. $99.99 for 2 of them. Plus free shipping? Plus a promo code for 10% off? It was on. So $90 and four days later we had these.

A few hours in and we're diggin them. 

They're very simple and sleek. Plus they have this powdercoated finish to them that gives them a more modern feel. We also like the fact that they not nearly as heavy and bulky as the old barstools. This allows more room between the bar and our dining table.

You can sorta see in the last pic that our table is not centered under our hanging light fixture because of the big bulky stools. Now we can slide the table back and center it under the another 9 months!

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