Monday, October 3, 2011

Goodbye Driveway (Continued)

A little update for ya. Back in June we wrote about tearing up our old partial driveway that had become quite an eyesore for the front yard. As a reminder here's what it looked like before.

Then we had a ton of dirt delivered and it looked like this. 

Then we laid some seed and it looked like this.

Then it started to look like this!

And now about 3 months later, a little extra seeding here and there & countless watering sessions we've made it to here!

So it's a bit splotchy and definitely a totally different shade of green?!? But it certainly beats a random 6' x 12' slab of concrete. We're hoping that with a little more time, and come spring time, similar grass treatments to both the new and existing areas things will begin to blend. Only time will tell...

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